First-Ever Epiko Regal NFTs Drop on OpenSea | Epiko Cards | Unique limited Edition NFTs launch

Epiko Regal NFT Collection Drop
  1. Veera — Rare
  2. Meghnath — Epic
  3. Kinnara — Ultraepic

Saha — Common #1

Introducing a 3D card for Saha, made on Polygon.

Saha — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

Veera — Rare #1

Introducing a 3D card for Veera- The Lord of Fire created on Polygon.

Veera — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

Meghnath — Epic #1

This is a 3D card of Meghnath ‘The King of Thunders’ made on Polygon.

Meghnath — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

Kinnara — Ultraepic #1

Last but not least is a 3D card for Kinnara, made on Polygon.

Kinnara — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

We offer a unique collection of NFTs, issuing limited editions for sale. Do not miss out on the opportunity to start your Epiko Card Collection. Become a part of Legends now!

How to Win Free Unique Epiko Regal NFT

On top of the many recent events and contests, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an NFT Competition, Airdrop and a Giveaway too!

Join Epiko Regal — Discord Server to stay tuned for more information

About Epiko Regal

Epiko Regal is an entertainment mobile application based on Indian mythology, available for both Android and iOS devices. It is the blend of strategic tower defence games where you fight with swords, magic and battle to move your way up through victory and glory. You win trophies and earn points in each round you play. The game enables players to face each other, collect and unlock characters that can be displayed and interacted with in Augmented Reality (AR), alongside a series of animated comics that depict the lore of the characters. It doesn’t just end there it has many more features and many more to come!


BEWARE OF SCAMS. Do not click on any link except the ones, we publish on our official Discord channel. Join Now to stay tuned. The sale will happen on OpenSea/EpikoRegal — easy and simple. No weird domains, no weird links, no emails or direct messages from us.



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